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Mademoiselle Mange à Sydney is happy to attend restaurants invitations and to receive products for reviews. All invitations, complimentary meals and products will always be disclosed as such.

Should you wish to receive a Media Kit, please send us an email  or leave a comment below.

MMàS’s reviews are honest, fair, and independent so they will include positive and negative aspects of a dining experience.

It should be noted that MMàS is the result of a piano four hand impro. When Mademoiselle writes (it should be Madame, we’re married), Monsieur takes pictures. Whilst Mademoiselle cooks and bakes, Monsieur eats and pretends it’s always good because it’s made with love…

Like two peas in a pod, they can count the number of lunches they haven’t shared for the past year on one hand… And they always dine together.

Contact MMàS:

Who we’ve recently worked with:

October 2014: The Botanist (new Spring menu), Three Williams (new menu)

September 2014: Menulog (sponsored post), Vapiano (competition),  Ippudo (new venture)

August 2014: Pie Society (competition)

July 2014: Your Fork (invitation to sample products)


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