Dragon Den Vietnamese Restaurant in Darlinghurst

[adsensea]Dragon Den is an awesome Vietnamese Restaurant in Darlinghurst that serves Fresh coconut juice for AUD 5 which I reckon, is a pretty good deal considering how much craftsmanship goes into opening a coconut without spilling the juice (I can hear my mother wondering how on earth I could pay that hefty price tag for […]


Saigon Pho in Sussex street’s food court, Chinatown

[adsensea]Saigon Pho in Sussex St’s food court is a great vietnamese restaurant! It’s one of those restaurants Monsieur and I never got the chance to try since this food court is a pure Chinatown food court: Each stall owner “invites” you to try the chicken hainan/ try the chargrilled meat/ try the ramen on your […]

EAT NOW Step 1: Type in your postcode

Review of Eat Now Australia’s online ordering system & Saigon Bay :)

When invited to review a restaurant using Eat Now’s online ordering system, I knew what my first choice would be… Or so I thought! With 31 options available in my neighbourhood only, I took some time to study all the menus (I’m a bit of a psycho when it comes to food… and the fact I […]