Home Thai on Sussex Street

When we made it to Home Thai, Monsieur and I were dangerously hungry. It was one of these weekends where we have a bigger breakfast to skip lunch and have early dinner… But it was obvious we didn’t have enough cereals on that particular morning… Plus walking from Cremorne point to Taronga Zoo probably didn’t […]


The Best Thai Darlinghurst – get your chilli fix and be ready to experience… 3rd degree mouth burns

[adsensea]This reminded me of a trip we made 2 years ago in Thailand. I remember this one very well, for we were in Bangkok for Chinese New Year, welcoming the year of the rabbit. We were in the Lebua hotel where most of the breakfast we had were anything but thai. After 2 weeks travelling […]


Review of Chat Thai Haymarket Khanom Krok in Sydney – Thaitown :o) :o) :o) $

[adsensea]I have had a huge obsession with Khanom Krok and it seems that Chat Thai Haymarket (must insist on the Haymarket branch, as they do not serve these in Manly nor Westfield) is the only place in Sydney that would serve them! So once we secure our table, after just a 10 minute wait (3 […]