puer_4_spicyprawn and porkandpeanut

Puer, a sophisticated yum cha teahouse restaurant in Waterloo

Pu’er is a sophisticated Chinese tea house in Waterloo. It’s not your average tea house, the menu is subdivided in three categories for savoury dishes: Dumplings, street food and share plates. The food is fresh and flavours are well balanced.

The Smokin Panda - Dunkin Doughnut martini_Fotor

The Smoking Panda – A fantastic addition to Sydney’s small bars

The Smoking Panda is a East meet West cocktail bar that has a wonderful yum cha style menu. There are so many cocktails to choose from that the hardest part will be to actually get down to a couple, the venue is beautiful, and that Steamed XO Soft Shell Crab Slider is epic!


Where to find delicious Beijing duck : Old Town Hong Kong in Chinatown

[adsensea]I love Beijing duck & pancakes, but too often, I’m a bit disappointed by the fatness of the skin, so Old Town Hong Kong’s Beijing duck is a pleasant venue for Beijing Duck since they do scrap the white fat below the skin! Half Beijing  duck at AUD32 will get you couple of pancakes and […]


New Shanghai in Bondi Junction :(

[adsensea] Monsieur and I are very keen to try New Shanghai in Bondi Junction since the last time we had yum cha style food was ages ago. And so we ordered plenty of food, with a bill coming down to AUD 42.5… Almost everything was great, I loved the pan fried pork dumplings with juice […]