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  1. Hi, Nice blog. Hope CFA Level II goes well for you (and for me!!). You say you miss your French delicacies – well I miss my Australian delicacies whilst living here in Europe and am quite jealous reading your posts!! Europe could also do with some more BYO’s as very often the wine list is not that impressive in some restaurants despite the food being great.

    1. Hi Tony!
      Thanks for visiting! Fingers cross we clear the CFA exam indeed! BYO is non existent in Europe I believe, and if you try asking for a doggy bag in a French restaurant, that won’t work either (unless if you’re in Chinatown hehe)!
      Sydney’s wonderful, but most of the “exotic food” i.e. European, often comes at an unjustified premium. I miss the fact they give you “all you can eat baguette” in France when you’ve got to pay for olives and nibbles here… That said, I do not miss the lack of hospitality in France. I love saying “thank you” to the bus driver (stupid eh!) when people honestly smile at you and ask you how’s your day been so far… Oh! and I’m still staring at the dog owners cleaning after their dog. Love Australia! :)

  2. Hello, it’s David from Ippudo. I’d love to get in touch with you, may I drop you an email?

    David Coates
    Director, Ippudo Australia

  3. I red some part of this blog and found it interesting and would like to know if you know a place where I can get a good steak tartare in Sydney as you will find in a good restaurant back in France. Par avance merci :)

    1. Hi Benoit!
      Tartare steak, as you know, has to be eaten in a trusted place where you can be 100% sure that the beef is fresh and the cut they use is suitable. This means that whenever I found a good steak tartare back home, I had to stick to it… The issue with steak tartare in Sydney, is the fact that they chop the beef themselves, so you can always expect thick cuts of beef rather than the thinly minced beef we have back home. Number 2 issue: Steak tartare in France is generally pre mixed so the spices and vinegar can sort of infuse in the beef, giving it a deeper flavour… This is often not the case in Australia, and the thick bits take longer to “cook” in the marinade. Long story short, the only steak tartare I had and I found good – but not outstanding – was that of Merivale’s Felix.
      I will endeavour to try more of the steak tartare going forward, and when I find something worth trying, I’ll blog about it!!

  4. Dear MMaS
    would love to ‘follow’ you and get your posts as they come through. Am I doing something wrong as I can’t find a follow by email or anything button eg facebook, instagram


  5. Hello, I’m C. from Paris. Your blog is amazing !!!! A lot of what you wrote made me smile or laugh, and a few remarks made me remember some very good lunchs/dinners on sundays, years ago… Have a very nice week-end and hope to read you soon.

  6. If you like wonton soup/ wonton noodle soup I would share my lifetime favourite.
    Happy Chef at Sussex Food Court on Sussex St, Hay market.

    The broth n the wonton quality is the best in Sydney. I’ve been making my weekly visit over 20yrs.

  7. Coucou Olivia, nous partageons de nombreux souvenirs communs… les mamans qui cuisinent et les papas au barbecue… les tantes qui te disent “t’as pas grossi?” et “t’as un petit copain?” (prononcé “petit copaing”, comme avec l’accent du Sud svp). Bravo pour ce blog, qui j’espère me servira lorsque je viendrais visiter l’Australie (un jour viendra) !

  8. Hi Olivia!

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by the blog and say hello! I remember I met you, along with some of our fellow bloggers at the picnic with Grab your Fork and Chocoalte Suze. Great to hear you’re still going strong and enjoying the culinary delights about town.


  9. Hi!
    I came across your blog following a comment you left on http://delectablydegustating.wordpress.com. Obviously, I totally got sideswept!
    As I noticed I can like your posts, does that mean you’re WordPress hosted? Can you tell me what theme you’re using for your 2-language option, & if it’s easier to do multiple languages with it than having 2 different websites?
    Looking forward to reading more about your food adventures!

    1. Hi Wattwurm!

      Thanks for all your comments, can’t believe you went through this many posts!!
      Yes, this means I’m WordPress hosted. I’m not using a theme for the two-language option, my geeky husband has put a plugin for me to use. I wanted to have two websites, but didn’t have the capabilities to manage that, so having only had the two-language option, I can’t tell how it compares vs having 2 different websites!

      1. Hi!
        Thanks for the reply. A plugin, I see. I’ll look into that. Well, I can tell you having 3 different websites is a pain in the ass when using wordpress.com so even though I’ve only been at it for a few months, I’ve been thinking about changing to a webserver for almost the same amount of time…
        I definitely enjoyed reading your blog! Too bad there’s no portability between wordpress.com & wordpress.org for comments, it’s such a pain

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