Marinated lamb salad AUD 19.5

Tea Gardens at Watson’s Bay

Watson’s Bay has to be my favourite Sydney spot since it is the place where Monsieur got on his knee to pop the question. We historically went to Doyles on the Wharf, but on that day, the queue and the lack of seatings led my hunter instinct to take us to this charming place we’d never tried: The Tea Gardens.

Tea Gardens Watson's bay
Tea Gardens Watson’s bay

Further down the beach, pass Dunbar House, there’s a charming place with shades, colourful seats, and great food. Far more affordable than Doyles on the Beach, and with table service, we opt for the stress free choice.

Monsieur's Chicken Foccacia AUD 15
Monsieur’s Chicken Foccacia AUD 15

Monsieur’s chicken foccacia is just what he wanted: chicken breast (I always buy chicken thighs), fresh avo and veggies plus some cheese. The healthy choice! I find his chicken breast to be a bit dry, but paired with the avocado and the cheese, it’s actually quite good. I promise Monsieur that for 2014, I will do my best to buy some of that chicken breast…!

Marinated lamb salad AUD 19.5
Marinated lamb salad AUD 19.5

My marinated lamb salad comes with salad, cherry tomatoes, artichokes, walnuts and goats cheese. The balsamic glaze being one of my favourite seasoning, this dish is a winner. I absolutely love it! The thing is they had quite a heavy hand with the oil, and my lips are all shiny from the amount of oil that went in. Monsieur’s foccacia is probably the healthier choice… but still… I loved that salad ! Watsons Bay Tea Gardens Cafe on Urbanspoon

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