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A famous singer – Claude François – used to sing “Le lundi au soleil, c’est une chose qu’on aura jamais…” which translated, means Sunny Mondays is the one thing that you’ll never get. Monday – let’s face it – has to be the worst day of the week day. That being said, I’m easy to cheer-up. Just give me a chocolate truffle or best… a good food deal and you’ll turn any dull day into a sunshiny one!

Chicken Karaage - AUD 5 instead of AUD 7.5

Chicken Karaage – AUD 5 instead of AUD 7.5

One reason to love mondays is Kujin’s Tapas deals. Of course, I can hear purists scream that tapas certainly aren’t Japanese but… what’s in a name? That which we call a rose…

Every “Japanese Tapas” is at AUD 5 and that’s a great deal. I loved the Chicken Karaage, crunchy, moist and packed of flavour… Could have eaten a truckload more of these beauties.

Crab Croquettes AUD 5 instead of AUD 9

Crab Croquettes AUD 5 instead of AUD 9

Ever since I saw and ate Concetta’s Croqs as featured in Recipe to Riches (and got all the boxes I could get from my local Woolies) I’ve had this obsession with croquettes. If there are croquettes on the menu, I know I’ll have to order these! The croquettes were crispy on the outside and had soft innards… so soft that I actually had to use a spoon to eat the croquette.

Seaweed Salad AUD 5

Seaweed Salad AUD 5

The seaweed salad is as usual, one of our must-haves. I recall Monsieur found this quite odd at first, but he somehow got used to it, for he would order this every time now!

Pork Gyoza AUD 5 instead of AUD 7.5

Pork Gyoza AUD 5 instead of AUD 7.5

The Pork Gyoza were great, I loved their crispy bottom and their juicy innards. Just the way good gyoza should be :)

Spring rolls AUD 5 instead of AUD 5.5

Spring rolls AUD 5 instead of AUD 5.5

The Spring rolls were sort of fusion spring rolls with cheese, chicken breast and pesto. I could read Monsieur’s disappointment on his face: “But these are cooked?”

“By the looks my sweetheart… Yes”

“But what are the ones that aren’t cooked?”

“Rice paper rolls you mean?”

“arrr. I knew you should have done the ordering from A to Z.”

That being said, Monsieur absolutely loved the spring rolls. I wasn’t so smitten by these, and ended up giving half of my spring roll to Monsieur.

The bill came down to only AUD 34 for 2 as I drank one umeshu (AUD 6) and Monsieur had a beer (AUD 5). Great deal :)

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