Sydney’s Movida in Surry Hills

[adsensea]Movida is a famous restaurant in Melbourne that we were lucky to try over a year ago. Monsieur and I found the experience to be wonderful. Loved the complimentary bread and olive oil, loved the sangria, loved the tapas! There was a buzz and a lively vibe to that place, and I’m impressed they’ve managed to render the same spirit in Surry Hills’ Movida. The tapas were very similar to what we had back in Melbourne (anchoa, croquettas and chorizo burger were also on the menu) and they were beautifully executed. I loved the goat’s and quince cigar tapas, found the crab and zucchini to be a bit pricey, and wanted to have more and more of the delicious croquettas. These were just beautiful!!!

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As for the lamb, I simply loved the texture and taste: To the point I’m thinking I should get a slow cooker/pressure cooker. The Churros were very light (airy batter) and though this is less traditional, Monsieur and I were pretty happy with it. Not sure we would have been able to handle a heavier style Churros!!
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  1. that slow cooked lamb looks amazing! you should totally get a slow cooker/pressure cooker it’s awesome! i use the New Wave 5-in-1 so it does both and also has a browning function so less pots to clean!

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