Lorraine’s Patisserie’s delicious chocolate truffles & Marshmallows

[adsensea]How do beautiful love story start? I read an article not long ago about serendipity, and how an auspicious chain of events can trigger Mr Right (or Mrs Right) to come knock at your door. This is the story of a spider, a neighbour, and a friend of a friend:

Once upon a time, someone came knocking at our door. I was 11pm on a weekday, and from the Judas hole I saw my dishevelled neighbour, shaky and in her pyjamas. She was extremely lucky we weren’t sleeping for otherwise… we wouldn’t have opened the door.

“Are you scared of spiders?” she asked…

To which I answered: “Well… it depends.” (I was being polite… I am scared of any type of spiders… dead, alive, small, big, even the plastic ones at the 2-dollar shop…)

“Well… it’s really big.” (that, of course, was of little help).

“We’ll come and help you” said my courageous husband-to-be Monsieur…

The huntsman was quite huge… It took a broom, mortein, and agility to kill the beast but we eventually made it… and two days after, here was what we got in front of our door: A card, passionfruit chocolate truffles, and marshmallows from Lorraine’s Patisserie :)

I later on, introduced our neighbour to a friend of a friend, and hopefully… this’ll lead to a happy beginning :) Marshmallows and chocolate truffles were equally delicious, and just completely moreish.

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