Flyover Bar Review with a groupon (Westpac food court) in Sydney CBD

[adsensea]I got Monsieur and I a very nice Groupon deal for 2 burgers and 2 beers at Flyover Bar for AUD 19. Flyover is in the Westpac food court and conveniently located for both of us since it is half way to Monsieur’s workplace and mine! They offer 3 choices of burgers: Beef, chicken breast and fish. Monsieur and I both went for the beef burger and it didn’t disappoint. I was scared to have one of those unhealthy burgers, but the bread was surprisingly light and though fries looked double fried (hmmm, loved their crispiness I must say!) there weren’t that many on our plates :) Plus I could swap my beer for a soft drink or a glass of white wine. I went for the latter. Monsieur chose the matching beer.

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I loved their beef burger, the smoky bbq sauce and veggies in make it taste healthier!

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