Glebe’s vegetarian restaurant : Badde Manors

[adsensea]Mesdemoiselles C&A have decided to turn vegan about a month ago. To keep a healthy diet, they went through a thorough change in their eating habits, saying no to not only meat and eggs, but also all dairy products: milk, cheeses, butter… Not to mention that two months ago, they were also waving good bye to sugar and butter. So what else can one eat when one’s craving for delicious food you’d ask? Well… I was amazed to discover that vegan food can actually be really tasty and that the range of what’s on offer can be wide if you know where to go! Badde Manors is a fantastic vegetarian place in Glebe and their menu indicates which dishes are vegan and which are vegetarian.

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The go to dish, for me, was Monsieur’s lasagna AUD 15.5 . Others were delighted with what they ordered, though one of the guest thought the sweet chili sauce on her tofu burger to be very very spicy. I went for a mediterranean platter AUD 16.5 and was so excited to snap a shot of everyone’s dish that I actually forgot to take a pic of my own falafels which were delicious, though still not as great as sabbaba’s (but getting to that level is hard I must admit). Desserts were a hit and miss with the lemon tarts and tiramisu disappearing very quickly and some mixed opinions with regards to the brownies. Monsieur and I shared our chocolate and hazelnut strudel AUD 6 which I must say, is not for the faint hearted. Picture a lebanese pastry 10 times bigger and you’ll see! :) Overall, I found the night to be very enjoyable and next time, I’ll make sure I’ll order the lasagna, they were incredible! soft capsicums, tomatoes, zucchinis, eggplants… Just OMG! :)
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