Delisse’s delicious croissants on Martin Place

[adsensea] Delisse’s croissants have got their name spot on! The mastermind behind this beautiful pastries is a Frenchman named Mathieu Thomas… It all began when he moved down under (beautiful stories always begin that way! :)) slowly realising there were opportunities to be ceased in the CBD. Whilst fresh products are available quite easily in the suburbs during the weekends, sourcing them in the business district at an affordable price can be difficult on working days… And here comes the magic…

“Let there be croissants!” And then, there were croissants… and many other beautiful pastries I’m yet to try very soon!

Delisse's croissant AUD 3.5
Delisse’s croissant AUD 3.5

Like the croissant from le croissant d’Or in KX, ingredients for the croissants and viennoiseries are all French! The slight difference is that Delisse has their croissants manufactured in France and imported frozen in Australia to be baked in Sydney (Le croissant d’Or imports their base ingredients and manufactures croissants on site). The rationale behind this choice is simple: Delisse wanted to offer freshly baked product, and in the CBD, renting premises big enough to fit the necessary equipment was impossible, so par-baked products was the most efficient solution. With no manufacturer meeting Delisse’s stringent quality requirements, the owner chose to source the best par-baked croissant manufactured in France.

The croissant was beautiful, airy, buttery, flaky: keeping its croissant promises. :) Pretty happy with it!

Delisse's pastries
Delisse’s pastries

As for their beautiful cakes, these are made every night in a workshop in Sydney by a French pastry chef. Looking forward to try them!


Delisse: the hidden gem!
Delisse: the hidden gem!

The only downside is its hidden location if you’re not familiar with Martin Place: Delisse is a hidden gem, and so when you see the stairs in front of the colonial centre, the way to go is down those stairs, first left!
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