Mrs Top's newly opened restaurant in Kings Cross - Sitting on a balcony

Mrs Top’s 5-course degustation menu with a Groupon Voucher in Kings Cross

I’ve scored a 5 course degustation menu for two with 2 glasses of wine for AUD 69 at a great French restaurant last weekend! Mrs Top has been part of the Sydney scene for over a decade now, moving here and there to spread the love. Groupon produces amazing deals, and managed to turn Kings Cross into Chinatown that one evening. On our floor, 21 asians with a groupon “vs” 3 caucasians (I had one on my table: Monsieur). AUD 69 exceptionally gets you 2 set menus instead of 1, and 2 glasses of wines. I recommend you go for sauvignon and get the Joues de Boeuf braisées or Slow Cook Beef Cheek, simply because this main was beautifully executed and plentiful, both in terms of quantity and in terms of flavours. The Paté de Canard was to die for and it is the best best best I had in Australia. Just a must-have!!!!!

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The only “faux pas” is the fact that strawberry and cointreau should have been the 4th dish as opposed to the third for this is a way to digest and we didn’t have enough food to digest by the beginning of the 3rd course. Otherwise, the strawberry/cointreau combination worked like a charm!!! Bouillabaisse, unfortunately, was a let down. Not much to eat (a quarter of the beef cheek plate) and flavours were missing. I’m just glad Monsieur and I went half and half! I guess your experience depends on what you order, and had both of us ordered the beef cheek, we would have left very very very happy. Long story short: Go for the Beef Cheek, you won’t regret it!!!!! Plus, they have Badoit AUD 8: the best sparkling water ever! Mrs Top on Urbanspoon

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