Busshari’s AUD10 lunch deal in Potts Point! :)

[adsensea]Monsieur and I went to Busshari couple of times and I’ve always loved everything about that restaurant. The miso eggplant, the spider roll, everything has always been spot on! The thing is, Busshari has always been an expensive treat…Our bill always amounted to AUD 100, and so the day we spot a lunch deal at AUD10, I know we have to give that deal a go!!

Busshari's AUD 10 bento box for lunch
Busshari’s AUD 10 bento box for lunch

The bento box above comes with a great miso soup and the salmon sashimi is sublime! I love the rice that’s quite exotically seasoned with tea leaves, but that yakiniku beef is just wow! It definitely is the winner of the dish.

Busshari - 10 AUD lunch deal menu
Busshari – 10 AUD lunch deal menu

Shame we work a bit too far from Busshari, otherwise, I’d be in there each day of the week! :)
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