Returning to Merivale’s Miss G’s

[adsensea] This is a long due article! I’ve always loved Ms Gs, and though the price tag is a bit dear, quality is definitely outstanding! I normally systematically order Jow’s sweet and sour lamb ribs since they’re simply the best, but Monsieur’s never been a huge fan of it since the ribs are too rich for him, so we order lighter dishes on this occasion!

Ms Gs - Pipsqueak Cider and Choya Cobber
Ms Gs – Pipsqueak Cider and Choya Cobber

Monsieur chose a pear cider AUD 8 and I went for a Choya cobber AUD 14, which is a cocktail with Choya plum wine, Ramos port, strawberries, oranges and lime. Delicious!

Ms Gs - Calamari salad AUD 16
Ms Gs – Crispy Pork, Calamari and pineapple salad AUD 16

The calamari salad AUD 16 was awesome with crispy pork and pineapple, reminding me of thai salad in Paris :)

Ms Gs - scallops

The scallops AUD 16 came with tostadas, green mango, guacamole and green nahm jim. The  spiciness of the guacamole paired with the soft meatiness of the raw scallops on top of the crunchy tostadas was a winning combination. My favourite dish!!

Ms Gs - XO Noodles AUD 18
Ms Gs – XO Noodles AUD 18

The XO Noodles AUD 18 were also lovely, though a bit salty for my liking. Loved the fact we had to mix the poached egg all the way through in those noodles!!!

Ms Gs - Stoner Delight
Ms Gs – Stoner Delight 2.0

We had to order the famous stoner delight 2.0! Heard so much about it!!! I loved loved loved that candied bacon, I’m a sucker for sweet and savoury, and candied bacon embodies the concept with gusto!! The doughnut ice cream truly had that doughnut taste, and the banana fritter was genius!

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