EAT NOW Step 1: Type in your postcode

Review of Eat Now Australia’s online ordering system & Saigon Bay :)

When invited to review a restaurant using Eat Now’s online ordering system, I knew what my first choice would be…

Or so I thought! With 31 options available in my neighbourhood only, I took some time to study all the menus (I’m a bit of a psycho when it comes to food… and the fact I had a late lunch on that day did help my patience!) and finally decided on ordering Vietnamese. Ordering through Eat Now is a smooth process and only takes couple of clicks.

1st step: Type in your postcode and select your suburb

EAT NOW Step 1: Type in your postcode
EAT NOW Step 1: Type in your postcode

2nd step: Choose your restaurant

EAT NOW Step 2 select restaurant
EAT NOW Step 2 select restaurant

3rd step: Build your order up and check out!

EAT NOW Step 3 - Build and Pay
EAT NOW Step 3 – Build and Pay

Big plus is a text from Eat Now telling the restaurant confirms your order for delivery. We were given a timeframe of 45 minutes … and the food came after only 35 minutes! Bear in mind that delivery timeframe depend on the restaurant as Eat Now has no control of this factor.

Saigon Bay is a Vietnamese restaurant I’ve always wanted to try. Though it is in my neighbourhood, I have never had the incentive to walk there after work since it is not the closest Vietnamese eatery from home… and is not on our way back from our workplace either.  Saigon Bay offers either 20% off your first order or a loyalty reward with the 8th order on them. As a newbie, I went for the first option.

EAT NOW Saigon Bay Crispy Pancake
EAT NOW Saigon Bay Crispy Pancake

We started with the Banh Xeo or crispy pancake AUD 13.50 : A real treat! I was afraid we’d be delivered a soggy pancake but the crispiness was as if it had just been made seconds ago. I loved the genuineness of it all, the mung beans in the batter, the large lettuce leaves to wrap the pancake pieces. Felt like we were back in Vietnam!

EAT NOW Saigon Bay Crab Soup

The crab and corn soup AUD 8.90 was pipping hot and though we loved the flavours, we found several bits of crab shells in there.

EAT NOW Saigon Bay Chicken Satay skewers

The satay chicken skewers AUD 8.90 for 4, though definitely not Vietnamese, were packed of flavours. Tender inside, caramelised on the outside. I loved the big chunks of chicken thigh, but monsieur wished they were smaller.

EAT NOW Saigon Bay Papaya Salad
EAT NOW Saigon Bay Papaya Salad

Our favourite dish was with no doubt, the papaya salad AUD 18.90. Monsieur – usually not fond of papaya salad – said it was the best papaya salad he ever had. Prawns were fresh, and to me, flavours were very reminiscent of the Vietnamese salads my aunts would prepare every family gathering in France. I loved the fact that the chilli level was quite low.

Ordering through Eat Now was effortless, and with other restaurants yet to try, I will be back! Thanks to them, I discovered a great Vietnamese restaurant! If you like their facebook page, you get 5 dollars off!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post, opinions are my own.
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