Where to find real French croissants in Sydney : KX’s Le croissant d’or

[adsensea]Le croissant d’or is an institution. It does not have a website, and the storefront is a very low-key one… Why would they need to advertise when their pastries speak for themselves?
What Le croissant d’Or’s chef is offering is an AUD 3.6 trip to France minus the jet lag. There, right in the heart of Kings Cross… and all you need to go, is to just get yourself a croissant.

Le Croissant D'Or - AUD 3.6
Le Croissant D’Or – AUD 3.6

The secret to this outstanding piece of flaky, buttery pastry, is simple. If you can’t fly to Paris, Paris flies to you: The owner uses butter and flour from France, and this is the reason why the croissants taste exactly the way they should…

Le Croissant d'Or - The French bakery in Sydney
Le Croissant d’Or – The French bakery in Sydney

When I saw the choux, I could not resist and had to get myself, a religieuse au chocolat AUD 5.5

Le Croissant D'Or - Religieuse au Chocolat AUD 5.5
Le Croissant D’Or – Religieuse au Chocolat AUD 5.5

The religieuse au chocolat is not the usual chou I have. It has a great twist: the top of the chou pastry has been slightly caramelised, giving it a shell of crispiness, adding a whole new dimension to chou. That said, though I absolutely loved that sugary shell, Monsieur thought the whole package to be a tad too sweet for his liking.

Le Croissant d'Or - Choux
Le Croissant d’Or – Choux

We will be back!

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