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Since Monsieur and I have started to eat healthy food, my burger cravings are less frequent (once or twice a month vs several times a week). We’ve wandered in Coogee without finding what it was that we really wanted and it is rather randomly that w settled for Moo’s Gourmet Burgers. Looking at the number of clients in there, we were convinced it’d be great… just to later on, find out that there was a good reason for this crowd…

1st step: Grab a menu and choose your burger

Moo Gourmet Burger at Bondi - where to get your burger fix
Moo Gourmet Burger at Coogee – where to get your burger fix

Monsieur goes for the Beef Avocado and Bacon at AUD 15.5... So I go for the wagyu beef AUD 16.5… mostly because we have to have something different every time we go to a new joint according to Monsieur – if we both order the same thing, then what’s the point of food blogging he wisely says?

Though I know how right he is… I hate it when he orders the exact same item I want… One must say we have the same culinary tastes now that I’ve educated his palate (he’s caucasian, I’m French Born Chinese… and 85% of Sydney food blogger are Asian girls… so statistically, it’s only normal I’m more inclined to know more about food… it’s in my genes!)

2nd step: order at the counter


I wanted the duck burger, but I ended up getting the wagyu burger with 2 slices of camembert. I didn’t study the menu at length and after we ordered, Monsieur said something like: “I thought you’d get the duck.” Well… Thanks for noticing this item afterwards :oP

3rd step: Wait… 30 minutes.

It’s quite true that I’m not very patient when it comes to waiting for food. This must be because I’m Asian, and Asian restaurant serve their food in a snap. Your order, they bling. Quickly.

We realize that the reason why patrons are seated and there aren’t many seats left… is because they’re waiting for food like we are. Priority is in fact, given to take away customers (should have known this).

The burgers finally made it to our table:

Moo Burgers Coogee - Wagyu Beef AUD 16.50
Moo Burgers Coogee – Wagyu Beef AUD 16.50

The burger is good, though nothing outstanding. I do not understand why they’d have to put some slices of camembert along the wagyu though… Why oh why would you do this? I removed my slices of camembert to eat separately. The wagyu flavour wasn’t prominent in any ways, so adding some camembert in there would have been a complete waste of the beef.

Moo Burgers Coogee - Beef Avo and Bacon AUD 16.50
Moo Burgers Coogee – Beef Avo and Bacon AUD 16.50

Monsieur’s burger is a bit better, though you absolutely have to have a knife and a fork since eating that beast (quite thick a burger) with bare hands would have been nearly impossible. The bacon is nice and has a caramelization in some bits, but overall, nothing to Moo about. Won’t be back (mainly due to how long we had to wait, chewing air!)

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