Where to get great Tartiflette in Sydney : Review of Baroque Bistro in the Rocks

[adsensea]Mademoiselle R loves all things French! It’s only natural she suggests we head to Baroque Bistro for lunch.I’ve had my eyes for quite a while on their plat du jour, and I must say I’m absolutely delighted and excited to be able to go to Baroque Bistro on Tuesday.This, dear reader, is because of a long forgotten love: My love for Reblochon and Tartiflette more specifically.

What is Tartiflette, my Aussie friend asks? A dish we serve during winter, from Haute Savoie, I say. As I always fly back home in Summer (European Summer) I never get to eat tartiflette.

Where to get Tartiflette in Sydney
Where to get Tartiflette in Sydney

Tartiflette’s a feel good hearty dish. It has potatoes, lardons (replaced by speck in Baroque, since lardons as I know it is inexistent in Australia), onions, cream, reblochon for the crust. It’s the best dish ever when it’s cold out there… And I can’t believe I haven’t had it for 4 to 5 years. To cook it, you have to peel and slice the potatoes into 0.5cm thin layers like you would for a gratin, then in between the layers of potatoes, put speck, onions and cream… On top of that mix, you cut open the reblochon and put the crust on top. The cheese is thus, trapped and doomed to melt throughout the potatoes/speck/cream/onion mix.
I know it sounds like a heavy dish, but my stomach turns into an endless pit every time I see Tartiflette. I simply heart tartiflette :)

Baroque Bistro’s Tartiflette, priced at AUD20, comes with a salad on the side. They’ve reduced their pricing by AUD5 due – I think – to the crisis, people indulging less… and so portions have been slightly downsized (this might be because I always want more tartiflette). If you want a typical french dish with a slight twist (speck is actually a great ingredient to use instead of the classic lardons since it has that smokey flavour) go to Baroque next Tuesday for lunch time!

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