Where to get seafood chowder in Sydney and paella: A review of Blancharu

[adsensea]Blancharu is the restaurant Monsieur took me for my last birthday, back in October 2012… and the restaurant we went to right after he popped the question on May 18th (I’m engaaaaaaged! :) :) :) :)). I was so excited that evening… I simply did not think about snapping pics of our food. Goes to say how over the moon I was (still am, can’t tire of it!)

Blancharu, where to get seafood chowder in Sydney
Blancharu, where to get seafood chowder in Sydney

That next weekend, we came back for late lunch… and just to try their seafood chowder! Ever since I had EAT’s New England Seafood Chowder with puff pastry back in the old days where I lived in London, this was a soup I craved for. On many attempts, when wandering at the fishmonger, I thought about cooking my own seafood chowder… but that is a lengthy process where patience and time are required… and to make it worthy, a huge amount has to be cooked… Guess I’ll wait until we have kids eh! :)


Blancharu, where to get paella in Sydney
Blancharu, where to get paella in Sydney

Anyhoo, Blancharu’s chef has recently changed… but Yomo San, like his predecessor, has had some French training… and one can tell by how the paella à la Provençale tastes: Just like it should. Right amount of spices, flavoursome rice and seafood… An AUD 17 trip to France! :)

Blancharu, where to get seafood chowder in Sydney
Blancharu, where to get seafood chowder in Sydney

The fisherman’s seafood chowder is served in a big loaf of bread, just the way it classically is in New England… That is a lot of bread to eat, and though I hate wasting food, I didn’t manage to have it all! The soup was rich, creamy and moreish with a good seafood to chowder ratio. For AUD15, it came with French fries and a salad… A real deal! That said, Monsieur’s paella was of even greater value, and should we come back… Paella à la provençale will be the go to dish! (Comes with a piece of garlic bread and salad)

Seafood chowder and paella are available only at lunch time. Dinner menu is different, and I will endeavour to write one soon!

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6 thoughts on “Where to get seafood chowder in Sydney and paella: A review of Blancharu”

  1. OMG I am so happy you uncovered this for me!

    I have been on the hunt for a good seafood chowder. The only decent ones I have had was at the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Fran and I am always sceptical of trying any others. I think I had 3 in a row that day, it was that good!

    Congrats also on the engagement! x

    1. Hey Priscilla!!
      Thanks :)
      The best seafood chowder I had so far was in London… at a chain takeaway shop called EAT (surprising I know!). Ever since that moment, I too was on a hunt for a good seafood chowder. The greatest one I found so far was at Doyles on the Wharf. Creamy and with plenty of fish. Doyles on the Beach does one with a tomato base… and no cream (bit of a shame!)…
      That said, I’ve stopped going to Doyles on the Wharf as the woman behind the counter (curly hair mature woman) is very very rude… and we get a double standard. My fiancé – also French but caucasian – gets winks and smiles… when all I get is rudeness…
      Monsieur and I both have a French accent, but on two separate accounts, she made me repeat the word “prawns” like I was a retard… This, of course, has completely deterred me from going to Doyles on the wharf…

    1. Hey Annie!!!
      Many thanks :)
      Clam chowder is the real thing, and Priscilla @ foodpornnation apparently found the real deal.. In SF!
      It’s meant to be creamy, moreish, with bits of fish and shrimps and veggies… Worth trying :)

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