The Best Thai Darlinghurst – get your chilli fix and be ready to experience… 3rd degree mouth burns

[adsensea]This reminded me of a trip we made 2 years ago in Thailand. I remember this one very well, for we were in Bangkok for Chinese New Year, welcoming the year of the rabbit. We were in the Lebua hotel where most of the breakfast we had were anything but thai. After 2 weeks travelling from Phuket through to Ko Phi Phi, Ko Lanta, Krabi and Bangkok, I guess we grew sort of tired of Thai Food… (And now, I’m thinking, how could we?)
I can’t say that Thai food in Sydney reminds me about Thailand, mostly because it tastes better (probably because it’s also safer to eat and Monsieur isn’t going to end up with a stomach bug) and uses good quality ingredients (aussie meat!) in Sydney… That said, The Best Thai was in some ways, reminiscent of what we had in Thailand…
We started with some Chicken Satay (4 skewers for AUD 7) and found the skewers to be delicious and moreish. Wanted more and more really!! The satay sauce was thick with peanuts blended throughout, and I loved the fact there was some salad on the side (making it sort of healthier)

The Best Thai - 4 chicken satay skewers AUD 7
The Best Thai – 4 chicken satay skewers AUD 7

Next to come was the pad thai. The balance of sweet, savoury, sour and spiciness is spot on. That said, Monsieur’s favourite Pad Thai remains that of Wagamama (which does not serve Thai food… but still, the stir fried noodles there resemble that of a pad thai in many ways).

The Best Thai - Pad Thai AUD 11.5
The Best Thai – Chicken Pad Thai AUD 11.5

I must say I’m glad we had these two dishes first, because the Som Tam (Green Papaya Salad) tasted ultra spicy. in between the julienned papaya, all I could see were the chilli seeds. I had about 5 mouthful because I just didn’t want to waste food, but then I turned sweaty and Monsieur asked me to stop (horrified to see me with a red face, but happy we were steps away from Saint Vincent’s Hospital). I was ultra sick from this salad :(

The Best Thai - Som Tam Green Papaya salad AUD 9
The Best Thai – Som Tam Green Papaya salad AUD 9

Would we return? Definitely… I will simply ask them for a Som Tam without any chilli in… for the salad itself was fresh and lovely. This Thai eatery is surprisingly cheap, with our bill that came down to only AUD 26.5!
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