Great Breakfast spot in Potts Point at Zinc :o)

[adsensea]Nothing to eat in the fridge for this morning, and a sudden urge to get out and breathe the fresh air. Here we are, empty stomachs, wandering on Macleay St and looking for a place where they’d serve a good breakkie. Found it: Zinc.

Zinc at Potts Point's Iced Coffee AUD 4
Zinc at Potts Point’s Iced Coffee AUD 4

Must say we haven’t been here in 2 years and 3 months from a bad souvenir (very poor service) but this has changed and we’re promptly taken care of and shown to our table. Monsieur orders an iced coffee AUD 4 which is promptly served and delicious (there’s already sugar in). Very strong so if you want a morning kick well this is for you!

Zinc at Potts Point's Apple and Celery juice AUD 6.05
Zinc at Potts Point’s Apple and Celery juice AUD 6.05

My Apple and Celery juice AUD 6.05 is great and delivered shortly after. Very fresh, and worth it! A hint of ginger would have been nice though…

Zinc at Potts Point's Buttermilk Pancake AUD 12.65
Zinc at Potts Point’s Buttermilk Pancake AUD 12.65

Our dishes come together. Monsieur’s pancake AUD 12.65 is closer to a brioche, and there’s a very generous amount. I love the edges as they’re crusty. Very good, but also very filling.

Zinc at Potts Point's Large Couscous salad AUD 19.80
Zinc at Potts Point’s Large Couscous salad AUD 19.80

My couscous AUD 19.80 is splendid! I love the sweet seasoning and the semi dried raisins. I was a bit skeptic they gave me the large order when it first came. I thought: “heck, I’ll eat that in 2 spoons… why is it they gave me something this tiny”. Turned out it was more than enough (Ok, I had some of Monsieur’s pancake, but even without his pancake, sizing was fair).

Zinc at Potts Point's - The Bill
Zinc at Potts Point’s – The Bill

The bill came down to AUD 42.5 which is affordable and nice. We will be back!
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