Review of Bills at Surry Hills :o) $

[adsensea]This is a place I’ve wanted to try for about a year, but Monsieur and I love to have our breakfast home and never really thought that going out to grab one was worthy of the trouble (we live a 20 minute walk from Surry Hills, and leaving home with an empty stomach has always been tough!)

Bills at Surry Hills
Bills at Surry Hills

Today’s a double brekkie day, for we’ve already had toasts, butter, jam and coffee back home. Nevertheless, we go for the Full Aussie AUD 24.50 The idea of a pork fennel sausage and bacon sounds so tempting! We also order some zucchini fries AUD 9.50

Bills Zucchini Fries AUD 9.50
Bills Zucchini Fries AUD 9.50

The zucchini fries come first and are rapidly devoured, so moerish!!! There ultra crisp but not too oily and not too salty, come with sour cream and lime on the side. Squeezing the juice out of the lime was a bit troublesome for Monsieur (not very juicy) and sadly, there were no Nigella seeds as promised by the menu. That said, even without the seeds, this is something I would definitely reorder!

Inside Bills
Inside Bills

Our Full Aussie comes shortly after, and the waitress brings us two plates so we get to share properly!

Bills' Full Aussie Breakfast AUD 24.50
Bills’ Full Aussie Breakfast AUD 24.50

The sourdough bread is great, but sadly, soaked in butter. I like my bacon a tad crispier. The highlight is definitely the sausage pork fennel sausage. Having grown up in Europe, our pork is far less gamey and Monsieur and I always had a hard time eating Aussie pork. It tastes like it’s been killed while running on a field… and the sausage and bacon here taste like the ones I’d have back in London. Great!

Bill came down to AUD34 for 2 and we decided to head to Surry Hills Messina to have dessert.
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