Phamish @ Darlinghurst, our new Best Vietnamese restaurant in Sydney!

The spring rolls are oh so fresh, the salad and leaves they use are crisp and of excellent quality, and the warm hoisin peanut sauce is perfect, we’re extremely happy we’ve ordered the Phamish rice paper rolls AUD 12 and can’t believe they’re that cheap (vs what you’d pay at Miss Chu) as the filling is generous and plentiful and you get 4 for AUD 12!!!

Phamish - Phamish Rice Paper Rolls AUD 12 for 4
Phamish – Phamish Rice Paper Rolls AUD 12 for 4

I’m absolutely sorry for the blurry pictures, we realized there was no battery left in our camera when we were seated, which is a shame as the rolls are truly beautiful! That said, this’ll be an excellent excuse for us to be back :)

Phamish - Duck and Prawn Pancakes AUD 14 for 2
Phamish – Duck and Prawn Pancakes AUD 14 for 2

[adsensea]We’re promptly served the duck pancakes AUD 14 for 2. I first thought they were a bit dear for just duck and wrap when I ordered them at the counter, but when they came to our table, I realized how good value these are as they were huge!!! It is not just a rice paper roll, there’s a real vietnamese pancake in there (rice flour, turmeric, coconut milk) that’s wrapping up plenty of duck meat, fresh bean sprouts, fresh mint, fresh cilantro, fresh everything!!!. They’re so good and so big, that when our green papaya and beef salad AUD 18.5 arrives, Monsieur and I are already full (shouldn’t have had pâté and bread before we went to Phamish right…).

Phamish - Green Papaya and Beef Salad AUD 18.5
Phamish – Green Papaya and Beef Salad AUD 18.5

The papaya is fresh and crisp, the beef is exceptionally tender (beautiful cut they’ve used) and the seasoning is classic but has some dill to twist the flavours, so it comes up as unexpected and even tastier to me! We couldn’t finish the whole salad and asked for a takeaway box. As I’m writing this article, I’ve had the rest of the salad for breakfast (Monsieur thought it was a bit gross to have fish sauce at 9am though he had had some when we were in Hanoi and did not complain!) this morning and it was oh so good!!!! I’m glad we’ve saved it for my brekkie… Monsieur had the petit pain au lait I’ve baked yesterday (He had mine as I had the salad)

Phamish at Darlinghurst
Phamish at Darlinghurst

We Will Be Back! Service was extremely quick, everything was fresh and tasty, and the bill came down to a ridiculous amount of AUD 44.50 for 2.

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Phamish Opening hours: Phamish opens from 6pm to 9.30pm Tuesday to Saturday and from 5.30pm to 9:30pm on Sunday. They’ve started to open for lunches on Thursdays and Friday (noon until 2.30pm)

2 thoughts on “Phamish @ Darlinghurst, our new Best Vietnamese restaurant in Sydney!”

  1. Ok Spring rolls are my favourite … and i have been having a craving for them since pregnant …
    so if you could add taste and smell to you fab’ photos that would really help me not getting overwhelmed …
    I need to find some for dinner now …

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