Japanese Restaurant Ippudo at Westfield’s 5th Level

Monsieur and I wanted to head to Westfield’s food court but realized a new restaurant had popped up. It is Ippudo’s first day at Westfield’s 5th level and we decide to head there and give this new Japanese restaurant a go!

Ippudo in Sydney's Westfield, new Japanese restaurant
Ippudo in Sydney’s Westfield, new Japanese restaurant

The waitress holding menus outside aren’t the pushy one you get to see in Chinatown’s main alley, they’re inviting but not in any overwhelming way! They promptly seat us in the back of the restaurant. This is a good spot as we get to look at the kitchen!  They all greet you the “Chef Gallery way”, but instead of ni hao, you hear “you’re welcome in Japanese” (wish I had kept that one in mind, but food was all I could think of).

Ippudo Pork Bun AUD 4.00 was our favourite
Ippudo Pork Bun AUD 4.00 was our favourite

We started with the Pork Bun AUD 4 which turns out to be our favourite savoury dish so far. The Pork to bun ratio is great, the bun is soft though probably too soft on the bottom, but the taste is just spot on. We hesitate reordering another one but decide to top up on the Shrimp Bun AUD 5 instead.

Ippudo shrimp bun with deep fried shrimp and original ippudo sauce AUD 5
Ippudo shrimp bun with deep fried shrimp and original ippudo sauce AUD 5

This one isn’t as good, the shrimp is fresh, but the deep fried coating is soggy and far from the crispiness you’d expect when deep fried is advertised. We prefer by far, the Pork Bun. The Ippudo gyoza AUD 6 for 5 arrive very promptly and though they’re good, they’re definitely on the small side. The ginger topping them is too strong for both of us, and its boldness hides all the gyoza’s flavour, so I think ginger being there is actually more about aesthetics.

Ippudo Gyoza Hakata style Pan Fried Dumplings AUD 6 for 5
Ippudo Gyoza Hakata style Pan Fried Dumplings AUD 6 for 5

Next to come is the salad with original dressing AUD 10 (add 2 for avocado). The greens are fresh and the dressing is great, though overall, the choice of greens remains basic (aside from the nori that seats on top). It’s good if you’re after a healthy option, as they give you the sauce on the side (we poured everything) and there’s just the right amount! Avocado was also fresh, but I guess I would have preferred to have them in!

Ippudo Salad with optional avocado AUD 10+2
Ippudo Salad with optional avocado AUD 10+2

Aside from the Pork bun, we also loved the Simmered Pork or Chashu Gohan AUD 5.5. That little bowl of rice with sweet and savoury pork belly was so good!!!! I guess it definitely has something to do with the way they cook pork here, so next time, there’s a great chance we get something that involves pork belly!! :)

Ippudo Salad Chashu Gohan simmered Pork belly with rice AUD 5.5
Ippudo Chashu Gohan simmered Pork belly with rice AUD 5.5

As for dessert, there’s one they’ve tried to give us on two accounts, which is the Blue Mountains AUD 13. We didn’t order it but had our eyes on it… As they prepared it already and Ice cream melts, they gave it to us anyway and in the end, it came down to be complimentary!  It involves green tea ice cream, red beans, mandarin oranges and apricots and is by far, our favourite dessert.

Ippudo Blue Mountains AUD 13 Parfait with green tea ice cream, red beans, mandarin oranges and apricots
Ippudo Blue Mountains AUD 13

our Black sesame Panna Cotta AUD 7 comes in the end and isn’t what I expected, I wanted more of the black sesame flavour. Monsieur is quite content with it and eats my share gladly. I find it tasty (I love black sesame) though a tad heavy. I’m not convinced on the watery sauce that surrounds the panna cotta as it doesn’t look like the creamy sauce pictured on their menu. We’re glad we had the blue mountains!!!

Ippudo Black Sesame Kurogoma Panna Cotta AUD 7
Ippudo Sesame Pana Cotta AUD 7

Overall the bill comes down to just AUD 39.5, and even if we had to pay for the Blue Mountains, we’d think this still is a great deal. Ippudo is a great addition to Westfield and we will be back to have more of their pork buns!!!

Ippudo - our bill
Ippudo – our bill

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13 thoughts on “Japanese Restaurant Ippudo at Westfield’s 5th Level”

  1. great to know it’s now open. i wonder if their Pork Buns will be better than the famed Momofuku version? sounds like the temperature for the cooking of the shrimp bun might not have been hot enough to get a good crisp batter. i’m keen to try their gyoza although sounds like the dipping sauce needs a bit more balance. i’m surprised you didn’t try the Ramen which I’m assuming is what they’re best known for.

  2. Wow, nice pictures! I’ve been looking to try this place out ever since I saw the “Ippudo, Coming Soon” sign being put it. Now it’s finally here! Can’t wait for lunch there!

      1. I actually did end up going today – what a long wait! I would not recommend it for people who have to keep to an hour’s break until the hype dies down haha.

        I quite liked the ramen, though it would be awesome to be able to adjust the salt levels – they’re so subjective!

        Worth my “extended” lunch break though, good thing I didn’t have to report to my manager about it :P

        1. On the day I came (Sunday) there were plenty of seats! two waitresses were out handing out menus to try and entice potential customers… but then it was 4:30 pm haha… It’s always the problem with broth, when I love it, means there’s already way too much salt in there!! did you try the pork bun? that was really good!

    1. Well Andrew, I’ll tell you why…
      1/ I had never heard of Ippudo before as this isn’t famous where I come from, so I had no clue they were known for their ramen
      2/ If I did not have ramen this was probably because I did not want to order ramen.
      3/ I do not order like anyone would because that would be boring…
      4/ It’s summer in Sydney… who on earth would want a hot broth when there’s a heatwave (there was one that day…)

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