Sydney’s thinest Pizza is at Woolloomooloo’s Puntino :o) $

[adsensea]It’s Wednesday night and Monsieur and I have no bookings, we walk in Puntino and are being warmly welcomed and promptly seated to table number 1. It’s right by the inside verandah, where business men are already seating. The verandah is semi-open (high roof is sort of covering the area) and nice, but the downside is the fact clients can smoke there… and it’s an open area, so at some point, we can smell the smoke of other patrons coming to our table… A lady who was inside even “came out” to that verandah to smoke next to us. Nevertheless, the food was good, but next time, we will surely book for a table that’s actually far from the verandah.

Puntino - Sparkling water from Italia! AUD 9.5
Puntino – Sparkling water from Italia! AUD 9.5

We drank Italian sparkling water, fresh and crisp. I absolutely wanted mushrooms and was eyeing the funghi al forno, but Monsieur wasn’t in on that one, so we ordered the Fun Guy mushrooms AUD 21.5 (funghi pizza, I got the pun 3 days later…). This was rather unfair as Monsieur managed to order something we do not cook at home…

Puntino - Fun Guy pizza (mushrooms) AUD 21.5
Puntino – Fun Guy pizza (mushrooms) AUD 21.5

The pizza is the thinest I’ve had in the world. It’s actually so thin, that there was a crisp to the inside. It’s lovely in flavours, though I could have done with more of the mushrooms and toppings in general.

Puntino - Fun Guy pizza (mushrooms) AUD 21.5
Puntino – Fun Guy pizza (mushrooms) AUD 21.5

I like my crust to be thin, but I like the toppings to be plentiful… Next to come is one of Monsieur’s favourite: Gnocchi AUD 19.9!! He complains we never eat these at home (granted!) because I’m not fond of these (not exactly true eh!!). It’s just that I cannot see myself having a whole plate of Gnocchi as I picture them as filling and too heavy for my liking. Well Puntino’s gnocchi are lovely and I probably could have had the whole plate for myself.

Puntino - Gnocchi Sorrentino AUD 19.90
Puntino – Gnocchi Sorrentino AUD 19.90

That said, the true winner was the sauce they used, rich in tomatoes, parsley, garlic and salt (The pizza wasn’t very salty but the gnocchi’s sauce definitely was, so that’s probably why I loved it so much). The mozzarella was also soft and lovely in taste. I think I actually preferred Monsieur’s Gnocchi vs my Fun Guy. Thanks for sharing Love! :)

Puntino - Busy Wednesday evening
Puntino – Busy Wednesday evening

By the time we’re eating our Gnocchi, we realize how full the restaurant is. The smoke from a single smoker outside is however, coming to our nostrils. How can one smoke when they’re eating? ew… Glad they’re changing the packs here so future smokers are not tempted to smoke anymore (at least, the future generation!)

Puntino - Tiramisu to share AUD 12
Puntino – Tiramisu to share AUD 12

We finish off with the Tiramisu AUD 12, a classic that looks beautiful, tastes good, but not as gorgeous as the one they serve at Café Sopra or not as innovative as the one they serve at Spiedo. It’s good, but I like their savouries better!!!!

Puntino - Front of the restaurant
Puntino – Front of the restaurant

We will be back to try some more pasta & pizza (and my mushrooms in the oven too). Bill came down at 62.90 for a very enjoyable dinner, though we will be careful to get a different table next time

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