Bay Bua, our Vietnamese favorite in Potts Point :o) $

[adsensea]Bay Bua is our Vietnamese favourite. I must say we first came in with second thoughts as the setup of the restaurant looked a bit awkward to us (corridor like and a bit narrow), but the food is absolutely brilliant and affordable, and it was a pleasant surprise.

Bay Bua - Grilled Pork Balls Nem Nuong AUD 14.50
Bay Bua – Grilled Pork Balls Nem Nuong AUD 14.50

We got grilled pork balls AUD 14.50  to start and they come with Hoisin sauce and salad. The pork balls were nice and full of flavours. Rice noodles were evenly cut to ease the rolling process which is quite convenient as I tend to struggle to pull noodles apart and this eases the pork to noodle ratio problem whereby I always end up with too much of one and not enough of the other (call me psycho! :-))

Bay Bua - Vietnamese Pancake Ban Xeo AUD 10.90
Bay Bua – Vietnamese Pancake Banh Xeo AUD 10.90

Next to come is the Banh Xeo 10.90 or Vietnamese Pancake. It’s nice, though the pancake isn’t as crisp as I’m used too (means they’ve used far less oil, so it’s healthier after all eh!) but the flavours are great and if when we come back, this definitely be something we will reorder!

Bay Bua - Pork Crackling Belly AUD 15.95
Bay Bua – Pork Crackling Belly AUD 15.95

The Pork Crackling Belly AUD 15.95 was good but too salty for me. I guess we should have ordered rice to go with the dish, but Monsieur not being big on rice wants to save room for a dessert that has caught his eye and that has rice anyway… The Mango and Wild Rice in coconut AUD 5.90 is always a great combination and this one is great proportion wise. “See, we’ve had rice after all” says Monsieur, grinning :-)

Bay Bua - Mango and black rice in coconut AUD 5.90
Bay Bua – Mango and black rice in coconut AUD 5.90

Overall, we won’t be ordering the pork crackling belly without rice next time (much needed to balance the saltiness) but will certainly be reordering the generously filled Banh Xeo which is a must have and is more than fairly priced! Our bill came down to only 56.25 AUD (3 glasses of sparkling water at AUD 3 each on top of the above) which is reasonable!!
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