Charlie and Co at Westfield – Sydney CBD :o( $

[adsensea]Here goes, I’ve been harassing Monsieur with a burger craving. How about we go to Macca’s I said once. That got him worried… I normally never ever pick Mc Donald’s as a lunch choice or dinner… or whenever. So on a WE, instead of choosing the healthy option (that would be Din Tai Fung’s Shanghai dumplings and wonton soup) we get ourselves, 2 big burgers at Charlie and Co… I know I want the Wagyu burger, and Monsieur is getting something that has bacon in. Anyway, we part the burger the usual way (half and half!)

Charlie and Co - Charlie's Hangover Burger AUD 12
Charlie and Co – Charlie’s Hangover Burger AUD 12

We started with the Charlie Wagyu Burger AUD 13 and liked the gherkins, the aioli, but much to my disappointment, the beef patty didn’t taste anything Wagyu to me. Especially after I had half of the other burger (non wagyu patty). I bite in my share of Charlie’s Hangover burger AUD 12, and I unfortunately, all I like is the hash brown and the barbecue sauce. And that’s about it. Both burgers had patty beef that were way too dry (or too cooked?). As for the sea salt fries AUD 6, I must say they were good (probably double fried as they were exceptionally crisp) but we came for the burgers…

Charlie and Co - Wagyu Burger AUD 13
Charlie and Co – Wagyu Burger AUD 13

We came very hungry and left with our stomachs filled, but I won’t return to Charlie & Co any time soon. Westfield offers many other tastier choices on the same floor.

Charlie and Co - The Bill
Charlie and Co – The Bill

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