Felix Merivale’s French Restaurant has Australia’s best soufflé – Sydney CBD :o) :o) $$$

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What’s not to love about Felix? This restaurant made me feel like I was back home, à Paris! The tiled floor, the French waiters with their typical accent (except one who was German, and Monsieur couldn’t tell so he had to come out with his “vous pouvez nous parler Français”  which – entschuldigung – was funny!)

Felix's busy kitchen
Felix’s busy kitchen, glasses look as packed as the tables

It must be the only place on earth where you’d get a French waiter to smile and deliver your dish politely, so that’s a hint it isn’t as genuine as the real thing ;)  My father used to be a waiter for 40 years, and I know he would have liked all of Felix. Because he was in the industry, I can’t help but notice how little space there was in between the tables, so thumbs up to all of the waiters for doing such a great job. Apologies for the pictures, I obviously did not have my camera with me as this was a last minute decision so I had to use my phone…

Felix's Pimm's Cocktail served in a teapot - AUD 19
Felix’s Pimm’s Cocktail served in a teapot – AUD 19

I drank a Mojito (loads of Ice, taste was great) done by a Frenchman, and a cuppa Pimm’s (we were sitting, so I can’t tell who’s done that one). The Mojito (AUD 19) was perfect, but the Pimm’s (AUD 19) didn’t live up to my expectations. It just isn’t what I had when I drank it thrice a week in London (talk about AA). It has a rather bitter taste to it, and no cucumber/strawberries/orange/apple you get to nibble on… Basically, I ate the red flower sitting on top of my cocktail… So Poms, if you think about getting yourselves a Pimm’s at Felix and you’re expecting that Pimm’s back home, try something else on the menu… Monsieur had his usual Apple Cider Pipsqueak (AUD 9)

Felix's bread is complimentary, the French way!
Felix’s bread is complimentary, the French way!

The wonderful bread is free as if we were in France! comes with butter that is unsalted though (when most French love their beurre demi-sel)

Felix's steak tartare - AUD 22
Felix’s steak tartare – AUD 22

My steak tartare (AUD 22) comes with little croutons, and unmixed… it lacks the ketchup flavour that most French tartare would normally have. I mix it and had tabasco on my half… Though it looks nice this way, I reckon it needs to be premixed so all the flavours get to the meat….

Felix's duck confit - AUD 32
Felix’s duck confit – AUD 32

Monsieur picked the winning savoury with his duck confit (AUD 32) it’s all you want from duck confit, soft inside, and full of confit flavour. Tastes very homely and we both love it. Monsieur’s a bit heart broken that we do the swap ;)

The Best soufflé in Sydney is at Felix AUD 18
The Best soufflé in Sydney is at Felix AUD 18

For dessert, I know I want the passionfruit soufflé (AUD 18) and this is the best lightest soufflé I’ve ever had. Most soufflés can have a harder bottom or be too cakey from being overcooked. This one is SPOT ON. I declare it Best Soufflé in Sydney! The only trouble I had is the handle that burnt my pinky so be careful!

Felix's Praline, called a chocolate mousse on the bill - AUD 16
Felix’s Praline, called a chocolate mousse on the bill – AUD 16

Monsieur’s Praliné dessert is very good as well and involves pistachios, caramel, and a crusty top but… not even 2 weeks have gone by and I can’t describe that dessert properly (argh). This probably is because we went to Fiji and it erased my short term memory? Or may be it was my soufflé obsession (I was mesmerised by the soufflé, yes)  Even Monsieur thought he had had a bite in a cloud! :)

Felix's bill - upside down because I've had too much cocktails!
Felix’s bill – upside down because I’ve had too much cocktails!

The Bill comes down to 135 AUD. Not the everyday bistro I’d go to and certainly, not the same price as what you’d pay back in France… But the quality is here and I guess the Merivale décor has to be paid for (gorgeous surroundings!)

We will certainly come back, though it’ll be for a special occasion!
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