Where Is The Best Nasi Lemak in Sydney CBD?

I first tried Nasi Lemak at Mamak, about 2 years ago. I had just been introduced to that dish, and to tell you how unfamiliar I was with Malaysian cuisine, the idea of mixing it all – You know, Korean style Bibimbap? – had crossed my mind. But I looked at other tables and at Monsieur’s eyes who wasn’t convinced by the crispy anchovies and the sambal, and did not mix it. Instead, we went Banchan style… A bit of peanuts for him, a whole lot of anchovies for me.

Mamak's Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken - AUD 11.5
Mamak’s Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken – AUD 11.5 ranks 3rd

We’ve just had it recently (October 2012) and I have to say that I liked it but in my opinion, Mamak’s Nasi Lemak lacked sauce and preserved vegetables. For this reason, I rank it 3rd.

Sassy Red's Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken - AUD 12
Sassy Red’s Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken – AUD 12

[adsensea]2nd comes Sassy Red by Chinta Ria’s Nasi Lemak (June 2012). Good, but the preserved vegetables are too big. It normally shouldn’t make a difference… but it’s like eating spaghetti or farfalle… Size actually matters even if the taste should be the same. It has vegetables and peanuts, but… something’s missing. Probably the curry sauce that I like so much?

Baba Laksa House's Nasi Lemak - AUD 12.5
Baba Laksa House’s Nasi Lemak – AUD 12.5 best Nasi Lemak in Sydney

And the best Nasi Lemak in Sydney CBD is that of Baba Laksa House in the Grace Hotel (October 2012 but Monsieur and I have it once a week atm). Despite the fact that it doesn’t have any peanuts and that they hide the crispy anchovies underneath the egg (actually, I quite like the fact it is hidden, gives that kinder surprise effect) this Nasi Lemak is my favourite by far. I like the generous amount of sauce, the curry chicken sauce and the tomato sauce you can see on the bottom right of the picture. Lovely!

2 thoughts on “Where Is The Best Nasi Lemak in Sydney CBD?”

  1. Curious – most if not all nasi lemak in South East Asia do not have that curry chicken combination. It’s usually just a fried piece of fish, a fried piece of chicken wing.

    I suspect the ones in Sydney have been influenced by indian cooking.

    Besides the orginal nasi lemak would be just a snack for the average aussie. I suppose the curry chicken is to jazz up the dish and up the price as well.

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