Max Brenner at Wynyard – Sydney CBD :o) $

[adsensea]Apart from being hooked on me (and me being hooked on him), Monsieur’s other love in life is Chocolate. I know chocolate comes as second best as he gave me some great ones for Valentine’s day and I almost got all of them on my own (had to offer him some, because he was so kind to actually get me something that special day).

Valentine Day's chocolate from Max Brenner
Valentine Day’s chocolate from Max Brenner

I’m the “Valentines’ day is stupid”, and “I’m not big on Valentines’ day really” type. Well. I love pretending this is who I am, but to Monsieur, it is “so obvious you’re into Valentines’ day”. I have to say I looked at all these men and women and their damn bouquet circulating in the city, feeling stupid because I was empty handed. Then repeating myself I did not want any flowers, because I was allergic anyway… Just to realize how much I was obsessing over stupid chocolates and flowers… And how lucky I am to have Monsieur… I got my chocolate box and a rose!

Valentine Day's chocolate from Max Brenner
Valentine Day’s chocolate from Max Brenner

That’s the story as to how I got hooked on Max Brenner’s chocolate (and how subsequently, we have gained zillions worth of calories thanks to my addiction).

Max Brenner - The bill and my chocolate, good for me
Max Brenner – The bill and my piece of chocolate, good for me at AUD 8.3 for 83 gms

As Monsieur is feeling particularly tired lately, he gets a black coffee. I get a cappuccino and can’t resist the chocolate on display.

Max Brenner' Cappuccino
Max Brenner’ Cappuccino

The cappuccino definitely is of good value, look at that chocolate on top! perfect winter warmer :)

Service was a bit slow, with priority given to take-away consumers but that was ok as we didn’t mind waiting.
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