How do I make a homemade paper thin roti?

[adsensea]On several accounts, we desperately tried to bake a homemade roti. It takes 3 months full time to be a roti master, swirl and turn the roti perfectly. I unfortunately do not have such patience… That said, I’ve found how to bake a roti by complete chance! Looking at the recipe and technique they used in Masterchef so as to make an apple struddel (where am I going with this? you’ll see in a few lines!) and tah dah, made a wonderful roti, as thin and as crispy as the one Mamak would serve (the conic one for dessert).

Easy Roti Recipe

Very very happy, it was crisp and crips that we finished them very quickly!

Recipe for easy Roti!

- 225g of flour

- 110ml of warm milk

- 1 whole egg

- 30g of butter (melted)

- vegetable oil

- sugar and salt

Simply mix flour, pinch of salt and egg first, add the warm milk and start kneading. The ingredients do not need to be fully combined for the 30g of butter to be added. The pastry needs some kneading until it’s smooth and no longer sticks. It has to be elastic. Once it is, I recommend you cut it into 6 pieces (that’s how many rotis I had out of the dough) and place them in an oiled bowl. The pieces themselves have to be oiled so they do not stick one to each other. Let this rest for 30 minutes (that’s right! You do not need to wait 24hours!)

Once the wait is over, you have to start rolling the dough. At some point, you won’t be able to roll it more, and this is when you start to pull the pastry by the edges (gently!!) until the pastry is transparent and paper thin. The trick is to do all the work on the tray directly! This way, you do not have the hassle of transferring your work of art! Here’s how it should look like

Easy Roti Recipe – stretched paper thin

Mine has holes in some parts, but that’s ok (I think!) so long as you’re not sprinkling the sugar and salt in these parts! Set the oven on the grill setting and watch out for the roti as it cooks pretty quickly (5 minutes in my oven). Keep a close eye on it!

Easy Roti Recipe – in the oven after 2 minutes
Easy Roti Recipe – in the oven after 4 minutes

Careful, it’s hot! :)

Let me know your thoughts on this!!

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