Three Blue Ducks – Bronte :o) :o) :o) $$$$

[adsensea]The three Blue Ducks was a wonderful experience. Every bite was worth it! There’s not one dish we wish we hadn’t ordered.  I loved the calamari, the black cake (blood sausage), the wagyu and duck. Everything was just spot on!

It’s true the dishes are small and tapas style, but the quality is there and Monsieur and I found that it was good value for what we got on the plate. Truly, the dishes are on par with Marque’s restaurant and I would find it natural for the 3 blue ducks to have a hat. That said, I understand why some patrons might find it confusing. The three blue ducks do not advertise themselves as a fine dining place (they are to me) so prices might seem steep for a décor that’s not posh/bling but casual; and dishes that do not have extensive names. Though I like to know why my calamari was so good, what came with the mussels and clams,what type of spices they’d have in the boudin noir, the taste of surprise is also nice for a change.

The new breed of restaurant with delicate food but waiters/waitresses that do not have penguin style costumes and stiff upper lips.

Three Blue Ducks

Monsieur and I loved it. Our waiter put us at ease, explaining us how to order and that the menu was broken down into different sections though this was more of a guidance than something set in stone. We did not go for desserts but topped up on savoury dishes in the end.

Monsieur and I initially came for the scampi (1st course) but ended up being more impressed by every other dishes! Each time we finished one, we thought we would order it once more in the end! That is to say how good it was for us!

Three Blue Ducks – Scampi AUD 17

Both of us preferred the calamari (though the scampi was outstanding). I loved the chewiness of the calamari, the crunch of the smoked corn (subtle smoke!), the texture was stunning and in terms of 1st course, if there’s only one you’ve got to choose, I reckon that it would have to be the calamari. It’s just too good to be true!

Three Blue Ducks – Calamari and Corn AUD 17

I didn’t realize calamari was so good until I had it at 3 blue ducks!

In terms of second course, Monsieur and I were inspired by the black cake solely because I’m such huge fan of blood sausage/boudin noir, but in lieu of dessert, I chose to have mussels. Now Poms/Frogs, if you like blood sausage/boudin noir, you’ll love it! The spices are just Oh So Good.

Three Blue Ducks – Black Cake AUD 17

I took a bite of the black cake and it was like a flight back to France! It was even better than some blood sausage I had back home as it was sweetened by apples. French Frogs in Oz, that’s the closest rendition of boudin noir I’ve had so far in Australia. They’ve cut the boudin with the perfect amount and size of apples and the right amount of spices. Wonderful job! The egg yolk was also cooked to perfection (weird to say such thing, but it’s probably the best cooked egg I’ve had in Australia) with the yolk being spot on gooey!

Three Blue Ducks – Mussels Clams and Lemongrass AUD 17

As for the mussels and clams, they were also great, topped with shaved coconut (we thought it was cheese at first!) and served curry style (hence the roti). I like the clams (8 of them, so 4 each!) and the mussels (biggest mussels I’ve seen in my life, though fresh and not chewy at all!). Loved them too though you’ve got to like curry (fine for Monsieur and I) and it isn’t made clear that the seafood is served curry style!

Three Blue Ducks – Bar

For the 3rd course part, Monsieur and I had initially chosen to order the beef and the duck, but for desserts, Monsieur chose to have the pork so we had all of them (and weren’t disappointed!). Usually we do not order pork in restaurants because the pork has a stronger flavour in Australia than in France, but Monsieur was more than willing to try anything from the menu now that all the dishes we had were all oh so pleasant! :)

Three Blue Ducks – Wagyu Beef AUD 17

Carrots are pickled and crunchy, the bed of green veggies is fresh and full of flavours and the wagyu is surprisingly tender though it’s on the lean side! Perfect!

Three Blue Ducks – Duck AUD 17

The duck comes with celeriac, rhubarb that tastes beetrootish, and it very good too! I love that burst of flavour, and the unexpected alliances!

Three Blue Ducks – Pressed Pork

Wow that pressed porks, those mushrooms! As for the duck, this tastes very Asian inspired. The crackling reminds me of chinese’s crackling pork but with carefully trimmed fat which makes a good (and healthy) difference. We do not have to cope with the fat of the pork for once and it’s very nice!

Three Blue Ducks – Drinks Menu

What we had for drinks: Cider for Monsieur, London Calling cocktail for me.

Three Blue Ducks – London Calling

As the restaurant is split by a corridor, Monsieur and I are on the bar side, and bigger groups are seated on the kitchen side.

Three Blue Ducks
Three Blue Ducks – Open Kitchen

Here’s our bill:

Three Blue Ducks – The Bill

We will definitely be back!

Mademoiselle’s rating: 9,5/10!

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