Taste Baguette, Wynyard foodcourt – Sydney CBD

taste baguette – lemongrass chicken AUD 8.5

[adsensea]Hard to choose between the lemongrass chicken and the lemongrass beef. Both are great and though they both have lemongrass, they’re different! The beef is in small pieces, very juicy, but not always consistent in terms of quality. As for the chicken, you get nice fillets, but the chicken is a tad drier. All I can say is that they definitely have the best baguette in Australia. I tried Bourke street’s baguettes and they’re way too dense to be called proper baguette. I know we all have different standards, but Taste is the closest french baguette you can get in here!
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3 thoughts on “Taste Baguette, Wynyard foodcourt – Sydney CBD”

    1. I know Foodiepop! They’re on perfect par with great baguettes back home! The best I’ve gotten so far in Sydney! Crunchy with a soft and moist inside! Too bad they cut the croutons (that’s how we call the hard ends of baguettes in French) when they make the sandwich, it’s the best bit! (And the bits stubborn people love according to Chinese sayings!)

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