O Bal Tan Korean Barbecue – Sydney CBD :o) :o) $

[adsensea]This is the best korean restaurant in town, the sizzling meat cooking on beautiful charcoal that warms you up on winter days, just perfect now! I love their marinated beef ribs and pork ribs, the fact that you can get them to top up on salad and sides, and the service there.

O Bal Tan – barbecue in the table

The only good piece of advice is you do not need to wash your hair beforehand (mine, when freshly washed, tends to absorb cooking smell faster!) I never bother dressing up, so best advice for fashionistas out there would be to avoid so, because once you’re back home, you keep the smell of barbecued meat (nice in the restaurant) with you!

O Bal Tan – Marinated beef rib

I can’t remember the breakdown price wise, but our bill has always been capped at AUD40 (unless we take some umeshu, alcohol plum).

O Bal Tan – Marinated pork rib

The Must Have is the pork rib. Once, we ordered the pork belly, but if you’re unlucky, the cut can bear a good amount of unwanted fat, so I wouldn’t advise this cut!

O Bal Tan – BBQ

Above, the clean barbecue grid… Below, the meat cooking… I do not have any picture of the meat being cooked as it is so good (and hot) we quickly eat everything!

O bal tan – Meat cooking on bbq

Another good piece of advice, try to have layer of clothes to remove as it gets hot in there!

Frenchinsydney’s rating: 9/10
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