Baba Laksa House – Sydney CBD :o) :o) $

[adsensea]I love Laksa House. Ever since I had their boiled Hainanese Chicken – Hainan Kai fan – I knew I could never order anything else! Monsieur loves the breast, I always go for the thigh. I have the perfect other half for we never fight when it comes to sharing chicken!

Monsieur’s lean boiled breast chicken

Boiled Hainanese Breast Chicken - AUD 11.50
Boiled Hainanese Breast Chicken – AUD 11.50

My not so lean thigh

Boiled Hainanese Chicken Thigh - AUD 11.50
Boiled Hainanese Chicken Thigh – AUD 11.50

The rice is extremely fragrant as it is properly cooked with the chicken stock. Here’s the matching stock:

Complimentary soup
Complimentary soup

The best thing about Hainan Chicken is that you get it served in a snap as it’s pre-poached. I know this from experience, having cooked a Chicken Hainese style once. You never actually boil it so the chicken remains extremely soft so the full process takes about a good hour!

French in Sydney rating: 9/10. Best Hainanese Chicken in the CBD!
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