Petrol – Kings Cross :o) $

Petrol. We’ve seen this terrace restaurant many times whilst shopping our groceries in HFM and to be honest, were never tempted to go in. It’s a lovely place from the outside, but once in, you get the King Cross view and that – no matter how posh the restaurant is – is still a No No to me.

Today is however, a quiet day for the Cross. Let’s give Petrol a go!

I’m not a huge fan of the name of the restaurant as it sounds like having lunch with the smell of petroleum surrounding us but it’s the only option we’ve got. That said, Monsieur and I were pleasantly surprised. Though there was no beans, no crêpes, no beef casserole and exceptionally, a cash only policy, service was prompt and food was good.

BLT – AUD 11.9

I was originally planning to get the Spanish blood sausage but since it’s served with slow cooked beans and I’m being explained it’s such a major part of the dish, they can’t serve it.  I’m getting the BLT instead, breaking the rule to never order sandwiches in a restaurant. This will avoid a trip to the cash machine as it’s cash only today… meaning we can’t spend more than AUD 30 for 2!

Monsieur gets to use the remainder. My BLT is good, the bacon is crisp and has the perfect texture. The pesto is mixed with cream and spread on the Crusty Turkish bread. There aren’t enough tomatoes for my liking. Shame! This would have brought an extra touch of freshness to the sandwich. A basil leave or two would have been nice as the BLT comes off quite heavy in the end. Fortunately I get to share Monsieur’s salad.

Warm Chicken Salad – AUD 15.5

Monsieur’s salad is good and well seasoned. The salad is fresh like the one in my BLT. Walnuts have been lightly caramelized as they have a sweet taste. They go well with the feta which is not too salty for feta cheese. I like the capers but think they would have been better if served separately. The chargrilled bread is sourdough and has a nice crust. Definitely a lighter option than my BLT!

FrenchinSydney’s rating : 7/10


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