Mad Mex – Sydney CBD :o) $

If I want something sweet, unhealthy and definitely want to scare off my blood test, I know where to go and what to get: Churros.

Mad Mex has these little treat that come at a cost. They are full of fat, deeply fried and will surely make you cough… That’s what’s good about them heh!

Churros – AUD 5.5

They’re not like the churros back home, the inside is extremely filling and far from being airy as the one I’m used to. Monsieur thinks they’re genuine though. They are generously coated with sugar and measure about 20cm each (hence the price). It’s extremely unhealthy but hey, it’s the reason why we like them!

Mad Mex’s ceiling

I love their ceiling though I wouldn’t want to have bottles hanging above me at home.

Mad Mex’s walls

The Mad Mex icon might defend freshness, but it’s surely not the place to eat in every day… you won’t look anywhere near Mad Mex having churros and burritos. If these goodies built muscles, we’d know by then! ;)

Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

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