Ghermez Cupcake Bakery – Sydney CBD :o) $

I have never thought of cupcakes as being edible when in London. I thought they were simply nice to look at so the cuteness would compensate for the awful taste. Truth be said, the first cupcake experience I had was disappointing. Tiny cupcakes at Harry’s Farm Market were once displayed and they tasted dreadful. One bite actually dried me to the point I needed to drink straight away. That said I love experiencing, and finally came across the Ghermez Cupcake Bakery. I felt like I needed something sweet and that something  was in here:

Ghermez Cupcake Bakery’s window display

We decide to go for 2 cupcakes and 1 flat white.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcake – AUD 3.8

I just love how it tastes, this is the cupcake that convinced me they were all worth giving a go. The cream on top is very buttery, full of fatness. I guess it’s why I find it so good! This one has a Peanut Butter Center. I love cupcakes with hearts!

Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcake – AUD 3.8

The Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcake has a marshmallow on top and inside, the filling is delicious, but I prefer Monsieur’s peanut butter choice.

Be aware that these two are cupcakes with fillings, but many others actually don’t! We’ve been back since and the Mango one has a filling. All the mini cupcakes versions have no filling (too small!). One mini cupcake cost AUD 2.2

If you’re not into filling, the Pistachio and Rose cupcake is great as the base cake actually has bits of pistachios in and gives a fantastic texture to the cupcake. I didn’t taste the rose at all (which is great, I’m usually not a rose-flavour fan at all!). Worth mentioning that the Ghemez Cupcake bakery was opened by a former banker, Lyari.

Website :

Ghermez Cupcakes on Urbanspoon

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