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[adsensea]Today’s a lovely day to have a late lunch outside and there’s this place we’ve wanted to try for quite a long time. They do not take bookings but since it’s 2pm, we think we have a fair chance to get ourselves, a seat!

Wilbur’s place is a hole in a wall tucked in the recently busy Llankelly place. It’s steps away from LL Wine and Dine and they serve Breakfast all day long!

The Blackboard

Monsieur is very tempted by the Salad of Gravalax but unfortunately, that one is sold out.

I go for the suckling pig

Suckling pig plate with beans and cabbage salad – AUD 14

The cabbage salad is lovely and the subtle touch of dill is very refreshing. It is the perfect amount of seasoning. The beans and suckling pig bear a taste of Vendée to Monsieur. It’s true that cabbage, beans and pork are common for the Mid-West part of France! The Suckling pig is a bit dry and surprisingly, is not the outstanding part of the dish. I’m happy I have the bread to dip in the sauce!

Monsieur goes for the Panzanella salad:

Panzanella salad – AUD 14

The Panzanella salad is very fresh and I love chewing the basil leaves. It however, is a bit on the small side to me. I think a piece of bread would have been nice since the olive oil tastes amazing. Love the sardines but they seem a bit shy (only two of them!) Monsieur gets a share of my big chunk of bread but for AUD 14, I think my dish actually is of greater value.

Since the portions are small, we end up ordering the custard tart. A few minutes later, the waitress tells us that the custard tarts aren’t at their best and we end up with the toasted brioche ice cream sandwich. 

Toasted brioche ice cream sandwich – AUD 10

I have to say I was really skeptic at first. I feared the brioche would turn out soggy from the ice cream as is often the case with ice cream sandwiches… It turns out to be perfect. Crusty on the outside, melting on the inside. No sogginess whatsoever, so I wonder if the sandwich is made to order since the brioche has a “room” temperature. On top, the caramel sticks to my spoon. Just the way it should!

Overall, I think the restaurant is of good value. Portions are small though, so I guess that’s how they work things out. We find the dinner menu very appealing.

It changes from time to time and is quite different from the dinner menu that is displayed on their website, so if you’re not a creature of habit, then it’s perfect! The only common factor to all menus are the desserts/sweets, so I guess I’ll get to try the custard tart next time!

Dinner from 5pm, watch out for changes!

The restaurant is BYO (AUD 8 for the corkage), and takes cash only.

Website: www.wilbursplace.com

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