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[adsensea]Monsieur took me to Manly today! We went canoe kayaking for few hours, had a picnic on a secluded beach and a beautiful sunny day. Monsieur has forgotten the “slip slop slap” rule though, so he’s got some sun burns :(

Since we’re in Manly, we decide to go for Chat Thai. I feel like khanom krok, but these aren’t available unfortunately.

We get ourselves, the classic chicken satay.

Chicken satay skewers – AUD2.5 each

The satay skewers are delicious and one can tell the chicken pieces have had a good marinating time since the flesh inside is yellow.

The thing is… there’s a bug in our sauce :(

Unwanted bug

To Monsieur’s surprise, I’m not screaming (it’s dead by then), and though my appetite has decreased, I feel I can cope with that.

Spring rolls – AUD12

The spring rolls are fresh and though I’m not used to such filling (omelet, cucumber and seafood), I like the unusual taste these bear.

Roasted duck with egg noodles – AUD 14.9

The roasted duck noodles remind me of a chinese dish I had in chinatown every sunday. The soy sauce used is light, herbs on top are fresh, and the duck is surprisingly lean.

All in, had the bug not been on our plates, I would have enjoyed the dish…

We’ve returned to Chat Thai (Westfield) later in the week.

Website :

Chat Thai Manly Wharf on Urbanspoon

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