LL Wine and Dine – Potts Point :o) $$

[adsensea]LL Wine and Dine is a former adult bookshop in Potts Point, turned into an Asian bar. We’ve seen the décor from outside and were highly interested in tasting the food, though the live music is, I have to say, a notch too loud for us. With the strong light out there and Monsieur without sunnies, we’ve chosen the vampire spot. So we’re in the far end of the corridor, right below the Ecstasy sign!

The Jugs are at 25 dollars and probably not as strong as cocktails by the glass, so we decide to get the Shanghai Bling. The Jug comes with two classes and has a litchi in both. Love the mix…

Shanghai Bling Jug – AUD 25

Bombay Sapphire and Pimm’s finished with ginger ale and lemonade, how can you get wrong? Comes with crushed raspberries, litchi and mint, I love edible cocktails!

Shanghai Dumplings – AUD 9.5

The taste of the Shanghai dumplings is great, but we both feel that the wrappers are way too thick. The upside is that the juice can’t escape, though there’s not that much in… We won’t get these next time.

Chives Dumplings – AUD 9

The chive dumplings taste more vietnamese than Chinese. Very close to what Banh Cuon taste like… except they have the shape of gyozas.

BBQ Pork Buns – AUD 7.5

The classic BBQ pork buns that Monsieur has to get. The ratio meat/bun is OK, though I know Monsieur loves them meatier!

Confit Duck Pancakes with plum and marmalade sauce – AUD 29

The Duck’s the winning dish. Surprisingly lean compared to the Peking Ducks I had when in London, and full of taste. They come with crêpes rather than real pancakes, so that is a bit surprising to us. Beneath the Duck, homemade taro crisps add a crunchy texture to the pancakes. There’s not enough on the plate! A bit pricey but the quality of the duck makes up for it!

FrenchinSydney’s rating : 8.5/10


 42 Llankelly place

 Potts Point NSW 2011

Website: http://www.llwineanddine.com.au/

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