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[adsensea]“Blood sausage” my butcher says. “Who on earth would eat That huh?” First time I’m seeing a butcher puzzled by the idea of blood. Don’t know why but thought they were immunized in some ways?

Baroque Bistro - Blackboard
Baroque Bistro – Blackboard

British, French, Spanish… Me? I miss blood sausage very much but hey, Baroque Bistro has it on its new menu! Another excuse to go and get a taste of Boudin Noir!

Baroque Bistro - Petit Pain Chaud, complimentary
Baroque Bistro – Petit Pain Chaud, complimentary

That’s actually the reason why we booked the restaurant… But since we last had boudin noir in Woolhara’s Victor Churchill and I found it outstanding, I’m afraid by the idea of just spoiling my last memory of Boudin noir so Monsieur and I agree on the fact we won’t order the boudin noir… especially because it is served as an entrée here and comes without the usual apple on the side (and the sweetness of the apple is actually what I like from the boudin noir) as they serve it with basquaise (?) Fortunately, the assiette de charcuterie has a piece of boudin noir!

Baroque Bistro - Assiette de Charcuterie AUD 20.00
Baroque Bistro – Assiette de Charcuterie AUD 20.00

From top to bottom, left to right: Parma ham, preserved cherries, cornichons (that taste sour – like the real French thing – as opposed to the sweet gherkin we commonly get here), pork terrine, saucisson sec (I think it is Monsieur Saucisson’s), rillettes, pâté de foie (lovely), pears soaked in balsamic vinegar and boudin noir.

Parma ham is classic. I swap my cornichon for monsieur’s cherry (he’s allergic to cherries but the only preserved one he had was actually OK). Cornichons taste like the real thing. Sour. Just like home. Pork terrine is good but the we find that the Australian pork taste strong, very free range. It probably is because porks in France are parked and do not get to run at all. The saucisson sec smells nice and tastes good. The rillettes are much lighter than their French peers and taste meatier. As for the pâté de foie, I wish we had more as it tastes really good. Boudin noir, described by Monsieur, is like a piece of chocolate. I can’t sense many spices in and I’m surprised it doesn’t bear the strong pork smell some local boudin noir can have. Our waitress explains us the boudin noir is made with hazelnuts. I love the pudding texture. The boudin noir melts in my mouth.

Baroque Bistro - Matching Baguette
Baroque Bistro – Matching Baguette

For main, I’m very tempted by the Bourride. Though I wanted Bouillabaise (because it’s served with rouille, and I love rouille), I’m sure I can deal with its substitute (that unfortunately comes without rouille).

Baroque Bistro - Bourride (plat du jour) AUD 29.00
Baroque Bistro – Bourride (plat du jour) AUD 29.00

The Bourride is lovely, and the cream that comes with tastes very chowdery. The selection of fishes in (John Dory, Shrimp and Snapper fish) tastes perfect, a bit overcooked if anything, but this is a plat du jour, so had I come earlier, say for lunch, I wouldn’t have such problem probably?

My Bourride comes with croutons:

Baroque Bistro - Bourride's croutons
Baroque Bistro – Bourride’s croutons

Monsieur has been very daring as he goes for the special on the board.

Baroque Bistro - Confit pork neck, tripes panées, crispy pig ears, lyonnaise jus AUD 33.00
Baroque Bistro – Confit pork neck, tripes panées, crispy pig ears, lyonnaise jus AUD 33.00

As expected, the pork tastes very strong. Monsieur explains me he got that main because he sensed that my heart skipped a beat when hearing the word “crispy”. It was probably true in some ways, but the word was followed by “pig ears” afterwards and that – even if we’re French – didn’t sound tempting at all. Our waitress says the ears taste very much like crisps and the fact they’re deeply fried doesn’t let you think they’re pig ears at all. Convinced by her saleswoman’s speech, Monsieur gets it. I can see he’s disappointed. The tripes do not taste like tripes back home. They don’t have that pungent smell that Monsieur doesn’t like, but neither do they have the strong taste that Monsieur loves. I think they’re chewy and not too bad, but I’m not a huge fan either.

As a matter of fact, I’m in charge of choosing the dessert for Monsieur and I as he’s scared to make any other wrongful choice.

We get two macaroons:

Baroque Bistro - Macaroons - AUD 2.50 each
Baroque Bistro – Macaroons – AUD 2.50 each

The bottom one is the Jasmine tea macaroon and the top one, the white peach and ginger. We’re adventurous for the very first time with macaroons. I usually get the salted caramel because it’s a safe choice and tastes consistent but today, I chose to be bold, like my friend Miss A who ordered a Vegemite macaroon at Zumbo’s.

The Jasmine tea macaroon tastes, to Monsieur, like the chinese tea we get for yum cha, he finds it a bit bitter. I like the subtle taste the macaroon has. The peach and ginger macaroon doesn’t taste peachy nor gingery at all. To monsieur, it even tastes chinese (?)

Baroque Bistro - Zulu Chocolate dome and its ice cream AUD 15.00
Baroque Bistro – Zulu Chocolate dome and its ice cream AUD 15.00

The chocolate dome is light (though Monsieur likes to say “15 seconds in your mouth, 15 years in your love handles) and the vanilla ice cream is on top of crusty golden bits of biscuits/nuts and dried raspberries. I love the pastry! The Macaroon on top is surprisingly crusty knowing it’s outside has been coated with some shiny chocolate. Monsieur tastes gold for the fist time. Lovely way to finish off the dinner!

On our way out, checking the pastries…

Baroque Bistro - other pastries
Baroque Bistro – other pastries
Baroque Bistro - other pastries
Baroque Bistro – other pastries

FrenchinSydney’s rating: 7.5/10


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