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[adsensea]It’s been ages we haven’t been to Yum Cha. After a disappointing experience at East Ocean, the lack of trolleys, cold chicken wings and missing dumplings we gave up dim sums for a couple of months. And now, we’re back for our quest. Let’s find the perfect dim sum place!

After Monsieur’s colleague advised him that Fat Buddha was a genuine and tasty place for Yum Cha, we decide to go.

Being Chinese, I know that dim sums are to be eaten before 5pm, but for Fat Buddha, we’re not applying the golden rule. It’s 6pm and they do a selection of Yum Cha until 8pm. We decide to give that menu a try, as that limited selection is to me, a sign that the dim sums are fresh. It’s a bit awkward for we’re the only clients in the restaurant.

Monsieur loves char siu. so we can get past the Barbecue pork:

Barbecue Pork – AUD 15.9

East Ocean’s barbecue pork is by far, better. The pork is better cooked there. Fat Buddha’s barbecue pork lacks the hardness that proper char siu has. That piece is unfortunately too fat, not cooked long enough and not marinated long enough. Even BBQ King do better char siu.

My father’s favourite was lo pak ko, so we’re getting it:

Pan fried turnip cakes – AUD 7.5

Pan fried turnip cake is also far better elsewhere. The middle one was a bit burnt, the crust from pan frying just wasn’t there. Again, liked it better at East Ocean.

The next dim sum we get is not one we’ve actually ordered, so after I reported the mistake, we’re getting that one for free!

The steamed dim sum come all at once. So we also get the shrimp and chives dumplings.

Prawn and Chives Dumplings – AUD 9.5

These prawn and chives dumplings are really tasty and remind me of chives dumplings we actually have in my French Chinatown. If we ever come back, I’ll certainly get them though the pastry – for both dumplings – is too thick for my liking.

The other dumplings we get are our fav’: BBQ pork buns. Good but I’ve never had any pork buns that tasted bad anywhere…

BBQ Pork Buns – AUD 6.5

When the waiter arrives with rice noodles, I realize we actually ordered Cheung Fen which I love. As we already had pork in two dishes, we took the beef version of cheung fen.

Steamed Rice Noodles with Beef – AUD 7.5

Unfortunately, I’ve had better… even in the worst Yum Cha place ever.

For dessert, we get the steamed buns with lava custard. These are fine and the custard tastes like something familiar – even to Monsieur! – but we can’t determine where this tastes comes from. After showing the menu to my mother, she explains us from the Chinese menu, that it is made with beans (??) that are yellow but that this type of bun doesn’t exist in France’s Chinatown. 

Steamed Buns with Lava Custard – AUD 6.5

Here’s a pic of the inside:

We also wanted egg tart but unfortunately they don’t offer this on the à la carte dim sum menu. They’re also out of shanghai dumplings but we’re happy they don’t have any of these since we’re stuffed up and for the first time, have to get plastic boxes to take away our leftovers (BBQ pork, beef cheung fen and one BBQ pork bun).

Will we go back? I doubt so. The pork… tasted too much like pork, not enough like char siu. The turnip cakes were on the greasy side without the crusty touch you get from pan frying. It’s true we have not stick to the “before 3pm” rule, but even with this rule, I doubt the quality of the dim sums would have improved much.

Mademoiselle in Sydney’s reviews: 3/10


QVB’s Level 2

Website: www.fatbuddha.com.au/

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