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We were meant to go to the Flying Fish restaurant for quite a while! In fact, this dinner was meant to be our Christmas dinner! Monsieur and I have finally managed to book and save the date. We watch Peter Kuruvita’s My Sri Lanka show occasionally but didn’t realise that this restaurant was actually his… The thing is – sadly – none of the dishes from the degustation menu had a taste of Sri Lanka.

The venue, though nice, requires either a taxi boat, or a short stroll from the Star. Have to say they could give a better indication as to where the restaurant is, for we weren’t sure about walking along the quay to the very end of it (that’s actually where we had to go!) Once there, the view is beautiful. The receptionist was probably a tad posh (he delivered one dish only and when I asked if the apples were cooked, I was answered back “No we don’t cook apples here – subtext: who do you think we are, cooking apples?” but the rest of the staff was very professional. Monsieur is allergic to apples… except when cooked, so we always have to be careful when it comes to tasting dishes that seem… suspicious.

NB: With regards to the restaurants where we had degustation menus, Sepia and Marque have both asked us if we had any food allergy they should be aware of. I think that was really nice…

So we got the Flying Fish Tasting Menu, which comes to AUD 115 per person.

We had two amuse bouche.

1/ The first one tastes like tarama on a puff pastry stick:

2/ The second one is a delicious piece of fish with garlicish mayonnaise:

3/ Here comes the Seared fin tuna

Seared Yellow Fin Tuna with ruby red Grapefruit, sweet crackling pork and black pepper caramel.

The sweet crackling is delicious, so is the grapefruit and the tuna… But to me (and Monsieur) we find it best… separately. The mix doesn’t work quite well for us, though each flavor is great on its own.

4/ The next dish is a bit of a mystery. It’s the one that was served with the uncooked apples (I ended up having Monsieur’s third plate!)

Composed flavours and textures from the ocean

I can only remember the left one that was a crab tomato consommé. Almost licked the plate!

5/ This is one of my favourite dish

Confit of Petuna ocean trout with pea mousse, whey, puffed skin, trout roe , nori & pea crumb

The skin is crispy and puffed, the trout is melting and the roe gives this extra popping exception. Stunning!

6/ The winner however is the blue eye travella fish. I was afraid of the fact is was slow cooked as I really don’t like overcooked fish but was pleasantly surprised!

Slow cooked blue eye trevalla with smoked aubergine, Charred cos lettuce & chicken jus
7/ Finishing with a sweet note
From left to right:
  • Blackberry soufflé with violet ice cream (Monsieur doesn’t like the violet ice cream much, I think it has… a violet taste!
  • Roasted strawberries with raspberry meringues, peach sorbet & blueberries (Good strawberries, beautiful peach sorbet)
  • Mango mousse with pineapple & lychee sorbet, macerated pineapple & coconut (Very good, though the taste of the lychee wasn’t strong enough)

8/ Petits Fours…

Petits Fours

Why do we get only one of each when every other restaurant that offers degustation menus double their petit fours…? Bit sad I think, but the petit fours aren’t the highlight of the dinner anyway. Apart from the plum pâte de fruit, the petit fours don’t seem to have been prepared by the expert hand that put together, the wonderful desserts (loved the soufflé!)


Lower Deck
Jones Bay Wharf
19-21 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont NSW 2009


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