Chowder at Doyles on the wharf – Vaucluse/Watson’s Bay :o) $

Monsieur has planned a surprise-trip! He urges me to get ready to go to the park nearby, almost pushes me out of our flat and as we go out of our building, turns… left! Opposite to the park. Monsieur has booked a car :)

“We’re heading wherever you want” he says… but he already knows what I have in mind. Sydney is experimenting a cool wave so we’re heading to Vaucluse for a warm treat: My fav’ chowder!

Seafood chowder – AUD 7.5

It burns my tongue, has good quality fish, one shrimp and tastes consistent each time I get it! It’s far better than the one they serve in Doyles on the beach!

Monsieur gets the seafood basket:

Seafood basket, fried Fish, calamari, prawn cutlets, scallops & chips - AUD 17.8

By far, the quality of the fish and chips in Australia exceeds that of all the ones I had in London. You feel how fresh seafood is. Beautiful!


Watson’s bay, on the Wharf.

When ?

Everyday,  11am – 6pm

Doyles at the Wharf on Urbanspoon

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