Chowder at Doyles on the beach – Vaucluse/Watson’s Bay :o) $$

The first time I ever had clam chowder was in London, at EAT chains. I loved it. Always would go for that thick chowder that surely had loads of cream. All my past attempts when visiting Nelson’s bay or Port Macquarie had been failures. When in Kiama, in a fish restaurant, they even thought “chowder” was someone’s name…

About a year ago, I had looked up the recipes on the internet and they seemed to be extremely time consuming. Considering the basic recipes that seemed the most genuine to me yielded 10 to 12 portions and that Monsieur is anything but fond of soups… I gave up cooking clam chowder and resumed my search.

After googling the word chowder in Sydney, we found out that Doyles had it. Both Doyles on the Wharf AND Doyles on the Beach! Since, we’ve tried both, and I prefer the wharf’s chowder by far!

I’m being warned that the chowder has a tomato base, but as the waitress says she’s had it and it’s delicious, we give it a go:

Doyles Seafood Chowder – AUD 18.5

As promised on the menu, it has prawns, mussels, blue swimmer crab, calamari and local fish. There sure is much more to eat than in the take away chowder that Doyle on the Wharf serves, but despite the fact that the portion is more generous, I still prefer the Wharf’s chowder!

Monsieur goes for the surf and turf (first surf and turf we have in Australia).

Though his meat and shrimps are of fairly good quality, I still think that seafood and meat don’t add up…


Watson’s bay, on the beach.



Monday - Friday  12pm – 3pm

Saturday -  Sunday  Lunch 12pm – 4pm


Sunday - Thursday 5.30pm – 8.30pm

Friday – Saturday 5.30pm – 9pm

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