Ocean Room Degustation menu: Our Wedding lunch!

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As the deputy consul went on reading all the duties we’d face as a soon-to-be married couple, bringing tears of joy in my eyes, all I wanted to say was “Yes, I do”. Now that I’m happily married, I wish … Continue reading

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Complimentary cocktail per person @ Emmilou for bookings

When it comes to cocktails, I’m bloody complicated. I want some acidity but not too much, some sweetness but not anything that would give me a sugar rush with just one sip, a hint of bitterness, but not to the … Continue reading

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Tea Gardens at Watson’s Bay

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Watson’s Bay has to be my favourite Sydney spot since it is the place where Monsieur got on his knee to pop the question. We historically went to Doyles on the Wharf, but on that day, the queue and the … Continue reading

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CBD Noodles: Chicken Laksa

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The Wintergardens food court used to be my favourite food court. I loved Red Roll’s Vietnamese Banh Mi. Ever since they started renovating the whole floor, we never got back… Until New Year’s Eve, when all the shops were closed … Continue reading

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Chanoma’s famous hot-dogs

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Chanoma’s a colourful place with cheap and cheerful hotdogs. Considering Monsieur and I are saving for a better future (wedding, property, kids…) this is just what we need! The special meal set has rice cakes, chips, iced matcha latte, and … Continue reading

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Kujin Monday Specials!

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A famous singer – Claude François – used to sing “Le lundi au soleil, c’est une chose qu’on aura jamais…” which translated, means Sunny Mondays is the one thing that you’ll never get. Monday – let’s face it – has … Continue reading

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Emmilou Tapas Bar

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Miss A is a Melburnian friend I met 9 years ago, when we were both studying in Hong Kong. As a well-traveled Aussie, she and I met when I was still living in Paris and the idea of moving down … Continue reading

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Opium Den – Great Thai restaurant in Potts Point

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Opium Den is a great restaurant in Potts Point. When we saw a groupon voucher of AUD 29 for 2 entrées, 2 mains and 2 desserts + 2 soft drinks, I knew I had to get it!! Monsieur’s always a … Continue reading

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Monsieur’s Christmas Party at Quay – Circular Quay

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Life is like a box of chocolate… You never know what you’ll get. Each year, Monsieur and I were seated with the other frogs, presumably because the odds were such, that frogs had to sit together… This year, we did … Continue reading

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What to do when you think you’ve done it all: My Walking Detour

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Monsieur and I have been living in Sydney for nearly 4 years now. I remember how we used to look at all the places we had to visit when we arrived: The Opera House (done), the Bridge (done), Luna Park … Continue reading

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